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Correct Toes Clear Toe Spacers align toes, strengthen feet, restore the foot’s original position & function. Made of soft, flexible silicone.

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Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Correct Toes® toe spacers are a device that is made from soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. The purpose of which is to encourage your toes back into their natural alignment, which restores their original function, and promotes strength and pain relief

Correct Toes toe spacers can be worn barefoot, with socks, and within approved footwear that has a wide enough toe box.

(Correct Toes are sold as a pair)


XS, S, M, L

Sizing Help

Correct Toes are available in four sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. While appropriate sizing loosely correlates to shoe size, Correct Toes size will ultimately be determined by toe length and toe girth.

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Please note these are approximations. Your size is based on foot and toe width. If you are in-between sizes, consider sizing up if you have a wide foot.

Additional Information

Watch Our Video: How to Use & Wear Correct Toe


Correct Toes Product Overview

Learn about the development and reasoning behind Correct Toes, also learn how to better modify and customize your pair.

Correct Toes Placement and Removal

Increase product longevity and decrease wear with these simple steps.

Correct Toes Modifications Overview

Use the following links to jump to specific modification types within the video.

1. Too Much Pinky Spread – 1:06

2. Correct Toes Sliding Off – 2:15

3. Bunion + Tailor’s Bunion – 2:58

4. Too Tight on Toes – 3:53

5. Hammertoes – 4:25

6. Corns – 5:11

7. Webbed Toes – 6:02

8. Large Size Modification – 6:40

Shipping & Returns

All initial shipping costs are non-refundable. Any cost associated with shipping a product back to Correct Toes will be the responsibility of the customer. Correct Toes will ship the exchanged or replacement product to you free of charge. If you are between sizes, you may purchase both the smaller and larger size and then return the pair that does not fit. For help determining your size, please visit our Sizing & Modifications page.

We offer a 30-day-no-worries return policy, with a 90-day materials warranty if they split or break during use. You may also return Correct Toes within 30 days, even if they have been used or modified.

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