Testimonial | Lori M.

It’s hard to believe I have only been using Correct Toes for a month. The correction in my toes and bunions is unbelievable.

My story: my dear Mother had horrible bunions, so bad that near the end of her life (she lived to almost 95), her toes were so overlapped that they looked deformed. It was heartbreaking.

In my teens and twenties I wore a size 7.5 shoe, but for some reason I always tried to squeeze into size 7. I wore heels constantly and by age 17 or 18 I had intermittent pain and swelling in the bunion area near my right big toe. My Mom believed, as I did, that bunions were hereditary and because of the pain I was experiencing, I would get them. But at that age, it didn’t stop me from squeezing my feet into high heels. By my early 30’s I could no longer wear heels and switched to Birkenstock’s, which I still wear at age 60.

Five years ago I got a job in a warehouse environment with an office in the back. I did a lot of walking back and forth on the concrete floor. At that time I decided not to spend the $150 for a new pair of Birks and instead, for about six months, wore a regular, padded sandal (SAS brand) which rubbed against the bunion area. Within six months bunions finally popped out on both feet at my big toes where up until then I had had only intermittent pain. The right one was more painful and eventually, protruded more than the left.

I constantly googled “bunion cures,” “bunion treatment,” “bunion exercise,” and tried many other therapies. I never saw a podiatrist because I knew what they would recommend–surgery, plates, pins, shaving bone or whatever. I knew several people who had the surgery and told of the incredible pain and slow recovery.

In October, I googled “natural cure for bunions” and found Correct Toes. I had used toe spacers before such as yoga sandals and a single spacer that fit between the big toe and next toe only. The medium toes fit perfectly. I love them! At first, it felt a little awkward having all ten toes spread like that, but after using them for a few hours daily they became incredibly comfortable. I can wear them with shoes and socks but I don’t because I am kind of clumsy and afraid, at my age, of falling. After work or on weekends, I put them on and sit back and relax, or put socks over them and do stuff around the house. It’s barely been a month and I see so much improvement. I have space between my toes, all ten toes are almost straight again, and the awful callus I had on my left foot between my big and next toe has softened and is healing.

Here is the best part which I just noticed last night – my bunions have shrunk! It’s true, I only wish I had taken before and after photos. The left one was smaller to begin with (odd that’s the side that had the callus) and although still there, they’re definitely smaller. The right one was much bigger and really protruded. It still protrudes, but less so and the bunion itself is smaller. I know, I have looked at them daily for years now. What a miracle! And I really like that when I am wearing Correct Toes and I look at my feet, they look almost completely normal.

I watched some of Dr. McClanahan’s videos and exercises, but I have only done one [the Bunion Stretch], and not consistently. I learned so many things that I didn’t know before, like how arch support and orthotics are not optimal for bunion issues, and that flat shoes are ideal. I am going to order some shoes from your site soon.

I can never thank you all enough for the great product and awesome customer service. I would recommend you most highly to anyone that suffers from bunions. I only wish my dear Mother, who passed almost five years ago, could have used your product, or known that it has helped me. She would be so happy!

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  1. Sorry but this testimonial sounds like a total fabrication and it contradicts your own product use instructions. You advise wearing CT for several hours a day while doing weight bearing activities, clearly stating that use while sleeping or reclining is ineffective. You also state that we should expect it to take years of proper wear (during weight bearing activities) to see results, just like it took years of bad shoes to deform our feet. Yet here is a “happy customer” claiming that her bunions were totally reversed during just one month of wearing them for brief periods of reclining. I have been wearing CT for over a year of standing and walking in them for hours a day as you advise, and while my toe spread has widened somewhat, there has been no reduction at all in the size of my bunions or pain when I walk.

    1. Hi Alison,

      Thank you for taking the time to read the testimonial and give us your feedback. You are correct in that we do state that Correct Toes are most effective when worn during weight bearing activities, and that lasting structural changes can take years. We believe both of those statement to be true, but also recognize that every person is different, therefore results will vary from person-to-person. Lori does say that her bunions have shrunk, not completely reversed, but without seeing photos we do not know the exact degree of change in her feet. We felt Lori’s story was encouraging and that others might benefit from hearing it.

  2. I watched some videos from your youtube channel. It stated that wearing splinting product like correct toes also have limitation for some people. It could make the second toe bend towards the third toe, instead of nicely alligning the big toe joint. What should we do if that’s the case for some people? Should we release the soft tissue first before wear correct toes? Thanks

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