Testimonial | A Customer from Israel

I purchased Correct Toes about 2 months ago, and had someone bring them to me from the US (I live in Jerusalem, Israel).

I have a had a bunion on my right foot that only in the last year or two (I am turning 37) has become painful. I am an avid walker and after walking/running a 10k marathon was unable to walk for 24 hours due to the pain. The pain was a burning sensation on the bunion itself, but also major muscle ache in my arch, and calves even extending up to my lower back.

I found a YouTube video on Correct Toes while searching for exercises that could help correct a bunion.

I will admit that it was uncomfortable at first to get used to wearing this, but the pain instantly disappeared. If I walk without my correct toes, the burning comes right back. After wearing consistently for over a month I even figured out how to modify it to make it more comfortable.

This works!


I just wanted to say thank you and for helping me continue my active lifestyle pain free.

I have referred many a friend and acquaintance to your product, as it has continued to be life changing.

Your product and website have proved to be necessities in my day to day ability to do what I love most while caring for myself and my family, which is walk and be active.

I am able, with appropriate footwear, to be able to go without Correct Toes on occasion without pain, which to me shows how much they have strengthened my muscles.

I cannot tell you how much these have enhanced my life!

It is unbelievable!

All the thank yous will not suffice to express what this product, its creators and those who took the time to put together the comprehensive shoe list have done to improve me and my family’s life.

2 thoughts on “Testimonial | A Customer from Israel”

  1. This blog is so interesting and useful. I have found lots of helpful hints and advice. One thing I wondered – people say they see an arch beginning to form, when they correct their footwear and their toes: would this apply to the transverse (metatarsal) arch as well, or just the longitudinal one?

    Thanks for a great resource!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! Typically when people refer to the foot arch (singular), they are refering to the medial longitundal arch. Likewise, when people talk about Correct Toes helping them to reestablish an arch, they are often refering to the medial longitudinal arch. However we have seen Correct Toes help to improve both the medial and lateral longitudinal arch, as well as the anterior transverse arch. Having the toes splayed wide and standing upon a flat surface are 2 key features in helping to build strong arches, which are strongest when both ends of an arch are level with each other and the arch supports itself intrinsically. Additionally, metatarsal pads can sometimes help to accelearte the process of optimally positioning the feet, relaxing the flexer tendons on the bottom of the foot and lengthening the extensor tendons on the top of the foot, allowing the transverse arch to realign and stengthen.

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