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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on June 19, 2017):
I have bunions and had pain in the ball of my right foot which progressed to a crossover toe. I had seen the Correct Toes before the toe crossed over, but I was put off by the price. When the toe crossed over, I had no choice. I bought the mediums 1.5 years ago, and I have not had foot pain since. I contacted Correct Toes to ask if the size smalls would help correct the crossover toe better because it would be pinned lower to the ground. They suggested waiting for the new size small. I waited and bought the pair soon after they came out. They are amazing. They fit my feet perfectly without modification. I have only been wearing them 10 days, but I even think the toe looks less claw/hammer-like. I am hopeful for continued improvements. I wish I bought Correct Toes at the first sign of foot pain.

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