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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2017):
I've been wearing correct toes for a few years now. I have an old injury on one foot that was causing a lot of problems. Since using correct toes almost constantly I don't have pain in that foot - unless I skip wearing the correct toes for a few days. So they definitely are helping.

my only complaint is they tend to last about a year because the medium was a bit too big and it put stress on the middle part when putting them on. I can't wait to try the new small size. I think that will be perfect for me!

I only wear shoes that allow me to wear the correct toes, whether Lems or Softscience. I have worn these running as well. It has worked well for me. I have a large collection of toe socks because of this, but it's the best product out there for foot issues. For those looking for good toe socks, check out smartwool for some good options that are warmer.

If I find the smalls last longer than the mediums have for me I'll try to update the review to 5 stars across the board!

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