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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on October 8, 2019):
I bought these in March 2019. I have Tailor's bunion on both feet and found Correct toes online. I bought after reading the reviews, thinking these would help.
I have hardly worn them as they are hard to keep in place and always slips out of my toes. I bought small after going through size chart.
Once in a while I'll try to put these on thinking it work this time, but never does. They slip out especially from my pinky toes for which purpose I bought. Keeping them on is an effort too. Really disappointed.


Hi Niki,

We offer a 30-day-no-worries return policy, with a 90-day materials warranty if they split or break during use. You may also return Correct Toes within 30 days, even if they have been used or modified. If you are ever experiencing difficulties or seeking assistance with wearing and fitting Correct Toes®, you can always contact us anytime at

Sometimes the sizing chart isn't as accurate as we hope, because traditional shoe sizes don't take into account the width of the foot at the toes, which is one of the reasons why we offer a 30 day return policy. We might suggest placing a shim (small piece of material such as shoe liner) in the pinky toe pylon (, wearing toe socks under the Correct Toes®, wearing a traditional sock over the Correct Toes®, or any other types of modifications that may help to better custom fit the Correct Toes® to your feet ( Again, feel free to reach out to for any further assistance or questions you may have.

-Correct Toes®

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