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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on September 2, 2019):
The quality of the product is good but they are very uncomfortable to wear in every shoe that I have. If i buy another pair, then they are too big for my feet. I didn’t see a change in my feet after two months of wear. My toes overlap, and I have seen nothing change, idk..And now I cannot get a refund because I am way past the return period because I wanted to give the product another. shot There are definitely some cheaper, affordable options out there but just do research and read reviews.


Hi mc,

It it important to choose footwear that is flat and widest at the ends of the toes. Please see our Shoe List for approved brands and styles that are compatible with Correct Toes®. Correct Toes® are a great tool to assist in realigning toes and foot bones, but minimal progress can be made if shoes with a narrow toe box are consistently worn. Foot and toe rehabilitation will often additionally require strengthening and stretching exercises to facilitate the rehabilitation process. These exercise videos can be found in our Video Library under the Foot Help section. Thanks for trying Correct Toes®, we hope this helps!

-Correct Toes®

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