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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on March 21, 2019):
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with inflammation of the fifth metatarsal on my left foot. I was prescribed custom-made inserts (they cost $300). I ordered them thinking they would fix my problem, and they did (for a little bit of time). I wore them for over a year and, pretty much, got used to the thought of living with foot pain. Fast forward to four months ago. I got a terrible pain in the ball of my foot on my second metatarsal (left foot again). I went back to my orthopedic doctor and he diagnosed me with hammertoe on the second toe, which was also causing metatarsalgia. He sold me another pair of orthotics ($45) and told me to buy a pair of Hoka One One running shoes ($99) and Ooofos ($50). He put me on prednisone and told me that I was probably never going to be able to walk barefoot again; he also said that the last resort was surgery. I bought everything he said, took the medicine, and...the pain did not go away, it didn't even improve. I started doing research on how to ameliorate the condition and came across this website. I read some reviews and watched some of the videos where I was introduced to conservative care and the use of Correct Toes (CT). I pulled the trigger and bought them together with the metatarsal pads (Pedag). I also saw the post of a person who posted her x-rays before CT and 4 months later and was impressed by her improvement. As soon as I started wearing CT, I experienced improvement, so much so that I wore them for longer than recommended. I have been wearing them for over a month and the improvement has been fantastic. I still experience discomfort, but my foot feels much better than it did with other treatments; the best part is that it continues to feel better. I currently wear Crocs (the ones made to work in kitchens), and I bought a pair of Xeroshoes (Hanah) and they have been wonderful while wearing CT. Let's just finish by saying that I'm a fan and satisfied customer.

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