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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2017):
I purchased these a couple of years ago. I am now purchasing them for my husband, who needs a larger size. There are many different kinds of toe separators. Be careful. Don't buy the ones that only separate one or two toes. You need to have all toes separated in order for the magic to work. They suggested wearing these as much as physically possible, so I tried to wear them 12+ hours a day. I would wear them in my boots, at home under my socks, sometimes even in bed with socks on. These work great because there is nothing on the outside of your big and little toe which would be more cumbersome when trying to wear in shoes. I couldn't wear these in high heels of course, but worked well in tennis shoes. Since your toes are separated, only a wider shoe would work, so wearing them to work wasn't really an option for me. These correct toes instantly made my feet and toes feel better and eventually reshaped my toes back to normal, eliminating the pain. I wear them occasionally now, kind of like a retainer. Though these are expensive for what you get, they last and are most comfortable ones I tried....and they work. Be patient and you won't need a foot doctor.

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