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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2017):
When I purchased these a year ago, I remember reading a lot of reviews and being a bit frustrated about not finding any long-term wearers to tell me if they actually work! So, here goes. I bought these a year ago. To be clear, I also switched to zero-drop natural footshape footwear at that time (Lems, Vivobarefoot, and Drifter Leather for everyday shoes and hiking, Altras for running, and SoftStar for house slippers) paired with five finger socks (Injinji and ToeSox). Yes, this was expensive to replace all my shoes and socks! However, I realized I was getting a bunion on my right foot and in the year leading up to this, had started getting corns on the third and fourth toes on both feet. My mom has terrible feet and multiple foot surgeries, and I didn't want to end up with the same problems if I could avoid it! After wearing Correct Toes with Lems a few weeks, I noticed more space between my toes. Within the first three months, my third and fourth toes straightened back out and I stopped getting corns altogether. The beginning of the bunion hasn't progressed at all. The joint is still a bit larger than the other foot (to be expected, as a bunion is a deformity of the joint), but my big toe is in correct alignment. If I wasn't looking at my feet carefully, knowing I had a noticeable bunion starting a year before, I probably wouldn't notice the difference. I have absolutely no pain, pressure, swelling or redness in that joint like I did before. For the first 6 months or so, I wore the Correct Toes 24/7. After 6 months, I stopped wearing them at night because if when they shifted out of place, it would wake me up and I had to fix them. If you need to add splints (I did), expect it to be a little uncomfortable at first. My little toe has always leaned into my fourth toe at a steep angle. When I first put the splint between those toes, I would get a burning sensation (you are stretching ligaments after all) so I would slip off my shoes to alleviate the pressure and take the Correct Toes out for an hour or so for a break. The discomfort does pass! As mentioned above, I am a runner. I wear these while running (4-5 miles a day) and even wore them for a 1/2 marathon this year. When I first started wearing them while running, I would sometimes get blisters at the tops of my toes. Yes, this feels as weird as it sounds. But, it didn't take too long before my body adjusted and I didn't get blisters there anymore. As runners often get gross looking feet from pounding away at them, I really appreciate that these are keeping my toes in correct alignment! Most of the time, these are very comfortable. I don't even notice them anymore. In sum, there is some adjustment to them. Do not be afraid to modify them to your feet (for example, I had to cut away a bit from the underside of them between my fourth and fifth toes, as it was pinching when I first bought them). They last really well. Even with constant wear, including a lot of running, this pair lasted a year. I just had to buy a replacement now - which is what reminded me to write this! I highly recommend them.

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