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Correct Toes® | Original

Correct Toes® | Original

Product Review (submitted on August 22, 2017):
I am 52. I ran for decades with orthotics for flat feet and stopped a few years ago when pain from hallux limitus became too severe. More recently even walking had become uncomfortable. About 1 month ago I decided to try a new approach and purchased Correct Toes as well as zero drop shoes from Lems and Altra. After a few days of break-in I am now wearing Correct Toes daily. The improvement is dramatic! I believe I actually have increased range of motion, though I can't be sure because I didn't make a 'before' measurement, however I am certain that the severe pain I had when my toes were at either end of the range is gone. This product has made a significant positive improvement in my quality of life. The only issue I have had is that after a 4 day backpacking trip I developed some blisters on one foot from the Correct Toes but I resolved this simply by taking a day off from wearing them and now all is fine again. Thank you for the risk and effort you took to bring this product to market. In one month your product has reversed damage from years of traditional shoes and orthotics.

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