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Ten years ago, 60 years old, I weighed 245lbs and thought I’d get into shape by walking on the treadmill. It worked OK. I started losing weight but got plantar fasciitis in the process . My local podiatrist gave me a shot a couple of times. It worked for awhile. Then he gave me a $400 orthotic. It got worse over the years. I had to have an operation on my right knee, same side as my plantar fasciosis.

Then my back started hurting, same side as my foot pain. It was so painful I went to a neurosurgeon cause I thought I had a slipped disc. I could barely turn in bed. He said there was nothing wrong with my spine or discs. The pain was tremendous in my lower right back.

So, I had excruciating foot pain that made it almost impossible to stand and excruciating back pain that made it difficult to lay down. Quite a predicament.

I went to an orthopedic foot surgeon, M.D. type, for my foot problems. I asked him to amputate my right foot I was in so much pain. He laughed and told me to buy a special shoe that had a bump in the middle of the sole on the outside. Told me to come back if it didn’t help and he could operate but only a fifty/fifty chance of “success”. It helped a little. But finally I had to retire. I am a pharmacist and the pain in my foot and back was too much standing all day.

Finally found Dr. McClanahan’s website. I started reading and reading and reading. Mind you I was a physiology major with tons(8 years) of anatomy classes at Berkeley and UCSF School of Pharmacy. All that fancy learning can’t replace common sense.

Combining his information with other information I figured out it was my shoes and my weight that started my problems along with overuse on the treadmill . But then I dug further into the mechanics of the foot.

The plantar fasciitis had progressed to plantar fasciosis. The pain in my foot caused my gait to change. The hobbling after a few years damaged my knee. Then the continued hobbling caused a severe sacro iliac inflammation.

I purchased Correct Toes then transition shoes(Altra) then minimalist Lems shoes. Toe socks and metatarsal pads helped also. It took about two years. And now I’m almost completely healed up.

If it wasn’t for Dr. McClanahan I’d probably be bed ridden.

People don’t realize how excruciatingly painful plantar fasciitis can be. Add back pain and knee pain and it can be life altering. I was lucky to find Dr. McClanahan’s site. But there are thousands, maybe millions of people going through the same thing.

Please write a summary newsletter about how the foot, knee, and the back are tied together….how bad shoes squish the toes together wrecking the normal arch. Toe spring and heal lift and stiffness in the shoe also ruin the normal mechanics of the foot…and then damage your knees and the lower back. God designed our feet without shoes. That’s the way I walk around the house, with my correct toes on.

Charles Roskam

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  1. I was almost in tears reading this, my path has been so similar. As I wear my very first pair of Correct Toes around the house, the change in how I walk, the comfort, is indescribable. Thank you for sharing Charles!

  2. A chiropractor said he could fix my PF with Graston but it just made it 100 percent worse. I went to the emergency room the next day because the pain was so serve. X Rays show nothing, MRI shows no signs of PF all looks good, nerve conduction studies show nothing, rheumatologist could find nothing. It’s been close to two years and walking is a nightmare. I went from wrestling, boxing, tough mudders, to couch potato. Just like Charles my walking funny due to pain had caused ankle pain, which caused knee pain, which caused hip pain, which caused back pain and last neck pain. I’ve fought back hard to train and get all the pains solved. I changed my diet to eat a anti inflammatory diet, I’ve went from 190lbs to 170 lbs. I am very lean and muscled, I swim for cardio and do weights where I can sit to lift. The only pain I can not beat is the foot pain. I do feet workouts 4-5 days a week, things get better but then something else in my foot hurts. I’ve tried the correct toes once before and things got worse. At first I thought it was working but pains started to escalate, Achilles tendon issues kicked in hard core with 0 drop shoes. I went to custom orthotics and normal shoes and had some relief. I believe in the science behind them and I’m back, for round two of correct toes, I want my life back. I want to go on walks with my kids, I want to go to the mall with the kids, I hate the kids think I’m just the couch Dad. I hope and pray this restores my feet because I know if they stay messed up the old saying, the foot bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone, hip bone connected to the back bone, all my hard work will be ruined if my feet will not work properly. I will keep you guys informed on my progress or no progress here on round two of correct toes.

    1. Hi, Jody.

      We are so sorry for the pain you are going through. Your issues sound severe and we’d love to discuss them over the phone (503.243.2699) or email (Customerservice@correcttoes.com). Although we won’t be able to fully diagnose you, we’d love to hear more information and perhaps give you an idea of next steps. Otherwise, please keep us posted on your progress.

    2. Jody,

      My story is almost identical to yours. I have all the symptoms of PF in both feet but 2 MRI’s and 2 X-rays (with 2 different doctors) only show inflamed sesamoids and bursitis in the heel. I also have symptoms of capsulitis of the second and third toe but that was not diagnosed by a doctor, only by my own research based on my symptoms. All of the typical recommended therapies such as stretches, foot rolling, icing, etc…only made things worse. Once I stopped doing those things, I did feel a slight improvement.
      I do the stretches and exercises recommended by Dr. Ray in his videos daily, but I am still in pain with no further improvement.

      I purchased Correct Toes and began wearing them 10 min a day while resting as a “break in” period since my feet are always in excruciating pain, I was afraid to put them on and begin walking around right away. In the mean time, I transitioned successfully to Lems and while they haven’t improved any of my foot pain, I find them more tolerable than “traditional” shoes.
      I gradually increased my time wearing the Correct Toes while resting to 15 min a day. Every time, since day one, it gave me Achilles pain and a pulling/burning sensation on the bottom of my foot and the inside arch of my foot but I chalked it up to being expected since I was trying to change the structure of my foot so I decided to give it a go and try to walk around my house in them. Big mistake! It gave me new foot pain, Achilles pain and made my existing foot pains worse!

      I believe in the product and the theory of restoring the foot to it’s natural shape and I desperately want this product to work for me so if you’ve given it a second chance (I see your post is from Jan) please give me an update. I want to try them again, but I am afraid of another set back.
      Prior to this mysterious foot pain that started 6 months ago, I was an active and moderately fit woman. Since this has happened, I have put on 20 lbs from being bound to my sofa and eating my way into depression. I used to spend all of my time outside hiking, biking, walking, jogging…and now, I do nothing. Just walking around my house in excruciating. Now my knees, ankles and back hurt. Probably from all the sitting and hobbling.
      I desperately want my life back. Any advice?

  3. Hello Jody,

    Read read read and study ALL of Dr. McClanahan’s videos, newsletters, and references. It looks like you tried to transition too fast to zero drop. It took me months for my pain to slowly go away. After 4 years I still use Altra shoes for everyday use. I only use Lems for jogging on a carpeted indoor track. I’m 71yo, so I have to take it easy. My feet need the cushioning that Altra shoes have. Transition very slowly… and go barefoot at home with toesocks and Correct Toes on. Then put some old socks over everything to keep your feet warm and keep the Correct Toes from coming off. Don’t wear them to bed. You need to be putting weight on them or they will be uncomfortable.

    Good luck,


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