Warts (Plantar)

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Warts (Plantar)
Also known as Veruccae Plantaris, Plantar Warts are viral growths commonly found on the skin of feet.

Plantar Warts are benign growths caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV.

Signs and Symptoms
Localized callus tissue is commonly mistaken for plantar warts. While additional callus may build around the site of a wart, the wart generally will also include;

  • Small, black pinpoints, also called wart seeds
  • Changes in the normal skin texture
  • Pain or tenderness with weight-bearing activities, or local squeezing

Many treatments are available for treating plantar warts. Simple over-the-counter methods like salicylic acid patches can be used at home. Duct tape has also been proven to be an effective treatment. If over-the-counter methods fail, consult a physician to discuss options including cyrotherapy, laser therapy, and excision.

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