Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
The tarsal tunnel is a space located below the medial malleolus (boney prominence) on the inside of the ankle. If compressed, the tendons, vasculature and nerves running through this area can become irritated or damaged, causing a variety of symptoms.

Anything that increases pressure on the tarsal tunnel area, such as improperly fitted footwear, poor biomechanics, cysts or tumors, imflammation, or direct trauma.

Signs and Symptoms
Some of the most common signs and symptoms associated with tarsal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Foot, ankle, and toe muscle weakness
  • Foot pain
  • Burning, numbness, or other unusual sensations in your foot

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrom can be Swapping your conventional shoes with anatomically appropriate models may be one of the most effective treatment (and prevention) strategies for this health problem. Beneficial shoes are completely flat (no heel elevation, no toe spring), lightweight, flexible, and feature a toe box that’s widest at the ends of the toes. Realigning your toes using Correct Toes and foot-healthy footwear will help minimize or eliminate excessive foot pronation and reduce the tension of your flexor retinaculum on your tibial nerve and other structures passing through your tarsal tunnel. Also helpful is regularly stretching your big toe away from your second toe.

Other beneficial conservative treatment strategies include cold therapy, rest, physical therapy, and natural anti-inflammatory agents. Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations for this health problem.

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