Fungal Toenail Infection

Fungal Toenail Infection

Also known as onychomycosis, a condition where fungi grow under and within toe nails.


The same fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot is also responsible for causing Fungal Toe Nails. Fungi are found throughout our environment on surfaces, within homes, and on skin. Fungi thrive within moist, dark, and humid environments, such as within footwear. There is a considerable genetic link for fungus to impact your tissues, or in other words, fungal toe nails are NOT contagious to an individual who does not carry this genetic predisposition. Prevalence of fungal toe nails may increase with co-morbidities like Diabetes, conditions causing compromised immune systems, and decreased circulation.

Signs and Symptoms

Thickened, and discolored toenails that may appear yellow, white, streaky, or opaque.


Seeing as the fungus lives under the nail bed, it is important to trim, and thin as much as the nail as possible. This can be accomplished with nail clippers, Emory boards, or professional debridement in a Podiatric clinic. Once thin, apply antifungal topical creams under occlusion to the nail bed, nightly. If the fungal nail is not thinned, clipped or debrided, topical therapy will be largely ineffective.

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