Corns & Calluses

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Corns & Calluses
Thickened or hardened skin. Calluses are found on the bottom of the foot, while Corns are found on and between toes.

Friction and pressure due to;

  • Ill-fitting shoes or socks
  • Sock bunching or socks that possess seams near your toes
  • Prolonged physical labor
  • Certain athletic events that place significant stress on your feet

Signs and Symptoms
Common signs and symptoms associated with corns and calluses include:

  • Areas of thick, elevated and hardened skin
  • Flaky, dry, or waxy skin
  • Localized pain or tenderness

Reducing localized friction or pressure will help prevent additional callus or corn formation. It is imperative that footwear be naturally shaped and not squeezing of the toes. Treatment for existing calluses can include;

  • Pumice Stone
  • Manual trimming and filing
  • Over-the-counter chemical softeners

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