Adult Sized Shoes For Kids

The natural foot health journey starts at birth. We are born with perfectly shaped feet that are teeming with potential to be as strong and balanced as we need to thrive. Natural foot health for children is uncomplicated at the start. It’s easy to keep a baby barefoot or simply in socks, allowing their toes to splay naturally. There are also a bevvy of foot healthy kid shoes that are flat, thin, flexible, and widest at the toes. With that said, there comes a time where sizing older kids into foot healthy shoes becomes tricky. Kids shoes are often too small and the average adult shoe is too large.

We searched the naturally shaped footwear world high and low for Correct Toes approved shoes that fit these “in-between” sizes. Here are our Correct Toes approved picks for your kiddos who are stuck between kid and adult sizes:

Xero Shoe Vienna

This Chelsea-style Vienna Boot from Xero Shoes is a  great option for the cooler weather. This Correct Toes compatible boot has a 5.5 mm, “Xero-drop” outsole for a barefoot feel and natural foot function. The Vienna is 100% vegan with a canvas upper and synthetic toe cap. Elastic banding makes it easy to slip the boot on and off. The 2mm insole is removable, and a mesh lining offers a little insulation to keep feet warm during the cooler months.

ShoP The Xero Shoes Vienna

Vivobarefoot Ababa

The Ababa is one of Vivobarefoot’s widest shoes, offering a generous amount of room for accommodating Correct Toes. The Pro5 puncture resistant outsole is thin and flexible, offering your feet good ground feedback. The upper is made with Pittards’ Wild Hide leather; the footbed is also lined with leather allowing you to wear the Ababa with or without socks. The Ababa is part of Vivobarefoot’s Sole of Africa line, which gives profits back to the local makers and community.

Shop the Vivobarefoot Ababa

Lems Boulder Boot

The Lems Boulder Boot has an excellent natural foot-shape design. It is extremely lightweight, with a very thin sole and zero added features such as artificial arch support and motion control. All of this means your kid’s feet can grow and strengthen unencumbered by the restrictive, damaging forces of a narrow, tapered toe box and brace-like support features. While these are Correct Toes approved for some, we are confident that the Boulder Boot offers plenty of space for your kids to wear Correct Toes.

Shop The Lems Boulder Boot

Lems Primal 2

Lems’ steadfast original, The Primal 2, is designed for optimal foot shape and splay, which is perfect for growing kids. Constructed of light mesh and air injection rubber, the Primal 2 is lightly cushioned and very flexible. They are Correct Toes approved, and they come in a variety of colors for your kid’s styling needs.

Shop The Lems Primal 2

Vibram Five Fingers Trek Ascent Insulated

The Trek Ascent is an excellent outdoors, foot-shaped shoe for kids. The Trek Ascent is designed for all weather conditions. It is designed with a wool sockliner (hiking version only) and textured grip outsole for wet and dry surfaces. While your kids won’t be able to wear Correct Toes with this shoe, they make a great foot healthy choice due to them being flat, very thin, highly flexible, and a unique design that allows the toes to splay naturally.

Shop The Vibram Five Finger Trek Insulated

Other Correct Toes Approved Options

There are more shoe options on our website that will fit kids who are between kid and adult sizing. Check our our online store to see what we have available in small adult sizes. You’re sure to find a foot healthy shoe option that both fits and looks great!

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  1. Please consider updating your January 2018 article on the 10 widest approved shoes. This would be so helpful to those of us with wide feet. You might include include the letters W and EW or EE and 4E in your article.
    Also, please consider including a list of the widest transition shoes. This would be so helpful of those in transition!
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Gary! We will put something in the works and hopefully have an updated post for you in the near future.

  2. when i was scrolling through your we website i saw your good works and it was like i have not seen an article like yours before. continue posting interesting articles and i will keep on visiting your made my day thank you.

  3. According to your recommendation i choose Lems Primal 2 and its best. My son use them as a running shoes and going well now. But i want some suggestion for my self. Do you have any recommendation regarding women running shoes.

    1. The Lems Primal 2 might be a good option for yourself as well. You might also be interested in shoes from Altra Running and Xero Shoes.

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