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Comfortable and versatile shoe, offering feet a natural feel

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Protective toe-guard prevents excess wear and tear

Lining: light and breathable

Sole: flexible and durable

Drop: 0.0mm

Weight: 3.2oz (Sz Small) 

Upper: soft, stretchy and form-fitting

FitKicks are a light and breathable shoe. The shoe is extremely flexible and flat, great for a barefoot feel.

FITKICKS active lifestyle footwear is available in US standard sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large for women, men, and children. While designed to flex and fit a range of shoe sizes, the following size chart for FITKICKS shoes clearly spells out the manufacturer’s intended fit: **Please Note: Sizes may run slightly smaller than manufacturer intended** Size Small fits women's sizes 5.5-6.5 Size Medium fits women's sizes 7-8 Size Large fits women's sizes 8.5-9.5 Size Extra-Large fits women's sizes 10-11

All initial shipping costs are non-refundable. Any cost associated with shipping a product back to Correct Toes will be the responsibility of the customer. Correct Toes will ship the exchanged or replacement product to you free of charge. If you are between sizes, you may purchase both the smaller and larger size and then return the pair that does not fit.

These must have been purchased through, and cannot be worn outside. Please note that Lems Shoes may have been shipped separately, so shipping times may vary.

Customer Reviews

These are a wonderful addition for stronger healthier feet! Review by Sofia T.
What a relief to find these great versatile easily portable slipper-like shoes to wear with much needed and looked for Correcttoes! Taken by surprise by alarming rapid progression bunions caused me to ditch and need rapid alternative to all my prior shoes and wear Correctoes constantly to help with pain and better conform my toes as well aim to slow/ halt progression as - do NOT want surgery! Changing to Correctoes compatible Fit Kicks definitely a HUGE help with slowingprogression and redirecting the wayward big toe alignment; definitely stabilizing.
Been wearing the 2 pairs of these vibrantly colorful fun shoes nonstop to work, after work at gym, (including to jump rope) and general outings - ever since found them at airport kiosk couple weeks ago - with great satisfaction.
My Correcttoes clad toes have room to spread,in the silky soft stretchable conforming sides, my feet are firmly planted on ground, they are so comfortable honestly I could easily wear them to bed, and don t want to take them off when get home, whereas, other shoes, couldn't wait to take of and "get comfy". These are truly natural footwear. Did create some positive curiosity in wearing them to work, a professional environment, where usually wore "conventional" footwear; well accepted once explained need for natural footwear, and cheerful patterns admired.
Padding around in these for my 10 hour workdays such a relief, as well as, strengthening my feet.
My suggestion: a few more solid colors: eg. BROWN with navy cross-strap and NAVY , with brown cross trap, for color coordination w/outfits easier. Would Love RED too, with, say, a black cross strap and black toe accent , that's always a fun color. Thin rubber soles with good traction give feeling of confidence in each step taken toward better foot health. Am loving FitKicks!
(Posted on 10/28/2017)

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